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Avoid Botanicals in Cosmetics and Skin Care

Most people think natural ingredients are good for you, and the more the better. This is a myth started by the natural product industry. Botanicals actually are medicine with potential side effects. A good web site to check side effects of botanicals and herbs is Medline Plus. You can look up any herb in their Drugs and Supplement section. Safe chemicals are a better choice. The non-profit consumer organization Environmental Working Group has a good web site called Skin Deep, to check the safety of products by brand and ingredient.

Most cosmetics don’t have an expiration date and therefore, people think they can last a very long time. This is not the case. Germs can build up in products.

– You should wash cosmetic brushes regularly with soapy water.
– Throw away most cosmetics within a year.
– Clean cosmetic sponges and throw away when it looks worn.

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