About Us

My job is to capture the voice of your brand and bring it to life on the page. This is my favourite part of writing and I would love to be involved in your brand journey. have experience working for big brands and small, and I love to build long lasting relationships with my customers. I understand that great communication is key to great freelancing and I’m always around to answer your questions and respond to queries.I write unique, professional and shareable content for websites and magazines. I am open and curious about a variety subjects and am always keen to learn about new ideas and research new projects.

I have a flexible schedule and am available to complete work quickly. I am a freelance blogger/ copywriter/ journalist specialising in entertainment, commerce, legal, travel, beauty and lifestyle. I enjoy researching new topics and have fantastic organisational skills and work really well under pressure. I love to bring a fresh perspective to well-trodden topics and have written on a diverse range of subjects including; travel, education, wellness, spirituality, sexuality and technology. I am also an experienced food and news write

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